List of Figures

1. Summer storm on Mt. Lykaion
2. Location map of Mt. Lykaion
3. Agios Elias
4. Hippodrome and ash altar
5. Topographic map of Sanctuary of Zeus, showing archaelogical elements
6. Plate setting and GPS velocity vectors for Eastern Mediterranean.
7. Map showing impact of Megalopolis earthquake.
8. Map of tectonic provinces in Greece.
9. Pindos Belt folding and thrusting.
10. Stratigraphic column for study area.
11. Outcrop expressions in Chert Series Beds
12. Photograph of jointed specimens of bedded chert from the Chert Series Beds
13. Sandstone outcrops of First Flysch Beds, behind spring.
14. Fractured sandstone of First Flysch Beds.
15. Photographs of outcrop character of Thin Platy Limestone Beds
16. Photographs of outcrops of Thick White Limestone Beds
17. Photographs of folding within Thick White Limestone Beds
18. Float block of tightly-folded stylobedding in Thick White Limestone Beds.
19. Stylolites in Thick White Limestone Beds.
20. Flysch Transition Beds.
21. Geologic map of the Sanctuary of Zeus, Mt. Lykaion.
22. Schematic picture of structural geology of Mt. Lykaion study area.
23. View of Sanctuary of Zeus from the north.
24. View of the St. Elijah klippe from the west.
25. Stereographic projections of poles to bedding, Pan plate and Zeus plate.
26. East-view of Lykaion thrust fault, placing dark on light.
27. Thrust fault damage within First Flysch Beds.
28. Compartmental faulting evident along strike ridge.
29. Three Gorges anticline.
30. Exquisite landscape expresion of Cretea syncline.
31. Disharmonic folding within Three Gorges anticline.
32. Overturned limb of St. George anticline.
33. Stereographic projections in Pan thrust sheet.
34. Scree band near base of ash altar summit.
35. "Steps" in hillside, caused by active faulting.
36. Outcrop expression of weakness of Thin Platy Limestone Beds along fault zones.
37. Geologic map of active faults in the St. Elijah klippe
38. Landscape expressions of Grassline fault.
39. Landscape expression of Temenos fault
40. Disturbance of Shepherd's wall by active faulting.
41. Ravine fault puts First Flysch Beds against Flysch Transition Beds.
42. Landscape expression of the Lykios (active) fault zone.
43. Scree deposits and rock falls along Lykios fault zone.
44. Geoarchaeological column.
45. Geoarchaeological map.
FT01. Google image, showing location of field trip stops.
FT02. Geologic map, showing location of field trip stops.
FT03. Google map, showing directions to Stop A from Megalopolis.
FT04. View from Stop A of major folding.
FT05. View of peak on which St. George Chapel is located.
FT06. Outcrop expression of Thin Platy Limestone Beds near Stop B.
FT07. View of St. Nicholas Chapel, and Stop C, from above.
FT08. Folded Thick White Limestone Beds behind St. Nicholas Chapel.
FT09. Landscape expression of Thick White Limestone Beds.
FT10. View from C-1 toward Ano Karyes and landslides above.
FT11. View of Three Gorges anticline and St. George’s spire
FT12. View of Cretea syncline.
FT13. Krabova spring in background. [this is a place-holder].
FT14. North view from Agios Elias to lower sanctuary area.
FT15. Bath near hippodrome.
FT16. South view from Stop E2 toward lower sanctuary area.
FT17. Black chert layer within Flysch Transition Beds.
FT18. View of seatwall and stoa.
FT19. Seatwall in foreground, St. Elijah klippe in background.
FT20. Characteristic landscape of Thick White Limestone Beds.
FT21. View of coordinated array of folds and fields.
FT22. Exposures of Flysch Transition Beds.
FT23. Folds in Thick White Limestone Beds south of horse pasture.
FT24. View of Agios Elias and trace of Lykaion thrust fault.
FT25. Outcrop character of Chert Series Beds.
FT26. Outcrop character of First Flysch Beds.
FT27. Outcrop expression of Thin Platy Limestone Beds.
FT28. Temenos area.
FT29. Temenos bordered by active Temenos fault.
FT30. Column bases at top of Agios Elias.
FT31. Grassy Fault Trace
FT32. View from ash altar to lower sanctuary.