List of Figures

1A. Location of the Mesohellenic basin (MHB).
1B. Simplified geological map of the Mesohellenic Basin (MHB)
2. Location of the Mesohellenic basin (MHB).
3. Map of the lithological Formations of the MHB.
4. Cross-sections of the southern MHB.
5. Seismic profiles in the northern MHB and their interpretation.
Plate I. General view and facies of the lower part of the MHB fill
6. Schematic stratigraphic logs in the central (Grevena) and southern (Meteora-Rizoma) MHB, compared to the northern one (North MHB).
7. Compared ages of MHB deposits from Foraminifera (D) or nannoflora biozones.
8. Map of the central part of the MHB showing different sedimentary facies.
Plate II. Facies of the upper part of the MHB fill
9. Meteora Gilbert delta
10. Paleogeographic synthesis of possible basin and sub-basins extension at different stages of MHB evolution
11. Subsidence characteristics
12. Eustatic sea level variations compared to the MHB lithologic formations ages
13A. Synthetic structural map of the MHB and internal zones of Hellenides
13B. Some stress stereoplots relative to the MHB (lower hemisphere)
Plate III. Upper series (A) and Tectonique (B to H)
14. Geologic map and cross-section of the northern border of the Late Eocene Krania subbasin
15. Cross-section in the Mitropoli area (southwestern MHB)
16A. Geologic map of the southeastern area of the MHB (Meteora)
16B. Cross-sections (A to C) of the MHB southern area
17. Eustasy vs tectonic controls on MHB evolution
18. Different geodynamic interpretations
19. Main tectonic mechanisms supposed to have controlled the piggyback MHB evolution.
20. Detail of the MHB evolution from Pindos Subduction (late Eocene) to Collision (Oligocene – middle Miocene)
20A. Late Lutetian-late Eocene
20B. Latest Eocene (till boundary with Oligocene)
20C. Oligocene (Eptachorion Formation)
20D. Late Oligocene (?)-Early Miocene
20E. Early-mid Miocene (Tsotyli and Ondria-Orlias Fms)
20F. The Quaternary map of the MHB
21. Main stages of MHB evolution