List of Figures

1. Grain shapes and oscillatory zoning in granodiorite
2. Unimpeded growth of K-feldspar megacryst in liquid
3. Separate euhedral phenocrysts
4. Crystal faces and local poikilitic structure
5. Early crystallization ‘snapshot’
6. Oscillatory zoning in quartz
7. Contact melting
8. Discontinuous reaction relationship
9. Igneous microstructure of microgranitoid enclave
10. Plagioclase and hornblende phenocrysts in microgranitoid enclave
11. Poikilitic structure in microgranitoid enclave
12. Magmatic flow structure in microgranitoid enclave
13. Evidence of magma mixing in enclave
14. Dyke microstructure with K-feldspar oikocryst
15. Dyke microstructure
16. Microgranitoid enclave in dacite
17. Miarole in microgranitoid enclave
18. Crystallographically arranged inclusions in K-feldspar
19. Oscillatory zoning in K-feldspar megacryst
20. Oscillatory zoning in hornblende
21. Mixing of K-feldspar megacrysts into mafic replenishment
22. K-feldspar megacrysts in microgranitoid enclave
23. Microgranitoid enclave with megacrysts
24. Megacrysts mixed into enclave magma
25. Early euhedral quartz
26. Megacryst accumulation
27. K-feldspar-rich granitoid cumulate
28. Rapakivi antecrysts
29. Antecrysts in rapakivi granite
30. Subsolidus grain-shape adjustment in gabbro
31. Subsolidus changes in gabbro
32. Polygonal grain shapes in gabbro
33. Polygonal grain shapes in troctolite
34. Polygonal olivine in dunite
35. Polygonal plagioclase in anorthosite
36. Granulite facies mafic microstructure
37. Anorthosite with residual elongate grain shapes
38. Gabbro microstructure
39. Ophitic structure very well preserved in gabbro
40. Oscillatory zoning in quartz and feldspar
41. Micrographic intergrowth