The Geology of Italy: tectonics and life along plate margins

Volume 36, 2010

Italy is home to a great variety of geological environments as a result of its long-standing position along plate margins. In this 130th Anniversary Volume of the Italian Geological Society we celebrate this diversity with a multi-faceted volume consisting of two parts, aimed at outlining the tectonic evolution of Italy and its influence on the development of urban area.

Geology of the Western Alps-Northern Apennine junction area: a regional review

Giancarlo Molli, Laura Crispini, Fabrizio Piana, Pietro Mosca, Laura Federico, and Marco G. Malusà

The Sesia Magmatic System

Gabriella Demarchi, James E. Quick, Silvano Sinigoi, and Gabriella Peressini

Geology of the central Apennines: a regional review

Domenico Cosentino, Paola Cipollari, Pietro Marsili, and Davide Scrocca

The lithosphere in Italy: structure and seismicity

Enrico Brandmayr, Reneta Blagoeva Raykova, Marco Zuri, Fabio Romanelli, Giuliano Francesco Panza, and Carlo Doglioni

Tectonics, magmatism and geodynamics of Italy: What we know and what we imagine

Eugenio Carminati , Michele Lustrino, Marco Cuffaro, and Carlo Doglioni

Earth’s CO₂ degassing in Italy

Maria Luce Frezzotti, Angelo Peccerillo, and Giuliano Panza

Tertiary to Present Evolution of Orogenic Magmatism in Italy

Keegan E. Alagna, Angelo Peccerillo, Silvana Martin, and Carmelita Donati

Present day kinematics of Italy

Roberto Devoti, Grazia Pietrantonio, Anna Rita Pisani, Federica Riguzzi, and Enrico Serpelloni

Petrogenesis and geodynamic control of intraplate Cenozoic volcanism in Italy

Gianluca Bianchini, Luigi Beccaluva, Costanza Bonadiman, Claudio Natali, and Franca Siena

Leucite-bearing (kamafugitic/leucititic) and –free (lamproitic) ultrapotassic rocks and associated shoshonites from Italy: constraints on petrogenesis and geodynamics

Sandro Conticelli, Riccardo Avanzinelli, Massimo Mattei, Marinella A. Laurenzi, Simone Tommasini, Elena Boari, Leone Melluso, Giulia Perini, Guido Giordano, and Francesca Cifelli

Exploring Italian geological data in 3D

Chiara D'Ambrogi, Davide Scrocca, Marco Pantaloni, Viola Valeri, and Carlo Doglioni

Urban geology: relationships between geological setting and architectural heritage of the Neapolitan area

Vincenzo Morra, Domenico Calcaterra, Piergiulio Cappelletti, Abner Colella, Lorenzo Fedele, Roberto de' Gennaro, Alessio Langella, Maurizio de' Gennaro, and Mariano Mercurio