List of Figures

1. Main geotectonic units of the Hellenides based on Mountrakis [1992].
2. Photomicrographs (2a, d) and back-scattered electron (BSE) images (2b,c) from ultramafic lavas from the Agrilia Formation (2a,b) and high-Mg basalts from the Pournari area (2c,d), Othrys ophiolite complex.
3. Plot of Cr/(Cr+Al) vs Mg/(Mg+Fe2+), showing the compositional variation of chromite from the main ophiolite comples of Greece. Data from Economou-Eliopoulos [1996].
Table 1. Representative microprobe analyses of chromite from massive chromitites of the Veria (Galaktos) area
4. Primary fluid inclusions in chromite.
Table 2. Platinum-group element -enriched chromitite ores from the Vourinos complex
Table 3. Range and average of the PGE contents (in ppb) in chromitites from Greece
5. Chondrite-normalized PGE-patterns.
Table 4. Platinum-group element contents (ppb) in chromitites from the Veria area
6. Chondrite-normalized PGE-patterns (sample/C1 chondrite) for the Veria chromite ores and PGE-enriched chromitites related to other ophiolite complexes.
7. Back-scattered electron (BSE) images of extremely large PGM grain, composed by Or-Ir-Ru-oxides and remnants of laurite-irarsite assemblages.
8. Back-scattered electron (BSE) images of extremely abundant dismembered-fragmented IPGM grains zone.
Table 5a. Representative microprobe analyses of IPGM from PGE-rich chromitites of the Veria (Galaktos) area
Table 5b. Representative microprobe analyses of Ph-minerals from PGE-rich chromitites of the Galaktos area
Table 6. Geochemical characteristics of sulfide ores hosted in the Pindos ophiolite complex
9. Distribution of porphyry-Cu±Mo±Au±Pd±Pt deposits, in a global scale.
10. Representative drill core sample of the Skouries Main monzonite porphyry.
Table 7. Precious metal content in flotation concentrate (F.C.) and sulphide concentrate (Sf.C) from porphyry-Cu deposits
11. Intergrowths of Cu-Fe sulfides and precious metal-tellurides, reflecting the association of the Pd-minerals with Cu-concentrates.
Table 8. Palladium and platinum potential in porphyry-Cu-Au-Pd-Pt deposits