Discussions with Davide Scrocca were very constructive. CNR-TopoEurope-Eurocores are thanked. Marco Beltrando provided useful comments and criticisms. The movie has benefitted of the comments of several colleagues: Marco Beltrando (Turin, Italy), Gianluca Bianchini (Ferrara, Italy), Marco Brandano (Rome, Italy), Rosolino Cirrincione (Catania, Italy), Hilary Downes (London, UK), Lorenzo Fedele (Naples, Italy), Dominique Frizon de lamotte (Cergy, France), Eduardo Garzanti (Milan, Italy), Francesco Guerrera (Urbino, Italy), Francesco Pio Lucente (Rome, Italy), Marco Malusà (Milan, Italy), René Maury (Brest, France), Giancarlo Molli (Pisa, Italy), Gideon Rosenbaum (Brisbane, Queensland, Australia), Antonio Schettino (Camerino, Italy), Stefan Schmid (Zurich, Switzerland), Ioan Seghedi (Bucharest, Romania), Fabio Speranza (Rome), Gianluca Vignaroli (Rome, Italy), Yotzo Yanev (Sofia, Bulgaria), Peter Ziegler (Basel, Switzerland). All of them gave some hints to improve the movie, but their contribution does not mean that they agree completely with our conclusions and our reconstruction. ML thanks support by research grants from University La Sapienza (AST 2008, 2009, 2010) and from PRIN 2008 (2008HMHYFP_005).