Evolution of the western Alps: insights from metamorphism, structural geology, tectonics and geochronology

Volume 16, 2004

This volume includes several original contributions focussed on the tectonic evolution of the Western Alps, including brittle deformation between internal gneiss domes, a Palaeo Ocean Floor in the Subducted Tethys, a serpentinite subduction channel the Monviso ophiolite massif, subduction of the Alpine crust in the Sesia-Lanzo zone, a new eclogitic unit in the Cottian Alps,
structural evolution versus rock chemistry during eclogization, post-nappe brittle tectonics, and implications of a 330 Ma-old magnesio-potassic magmatic suite.

Post-Nappe brittle tectonics in the North-Western Alps

Andrea Bistacchi, Matteo Massironi, and Nicola Bistacchi