Return Trip and Optional Extensions

There are a number of options available for the return portion of the field trip. The simplest is to return along the path of approach. The walk down is quicker than walking up. It is possible to travel from Na to Dogang, Dogang to Jagat, Jagat to Shigati (or just past), and then Shigati to Dolakha in four days. There is an enjoyable detour that can be taken from Gongar onto the ridge on the west side of the valley (Figure 1) towards the town of Bulung. This is a trail little traveled by trekkers and merges back with the main trail/road at Suri Dobhan.

Alternatively, a return path can be charted that crosses over Tashi Lapsa (5755 m), the divide between the Rolwaling valley and the Khumbu region. This pass, however, is notably dangerous and may require ropes and crampons to navigate depending on the time of year. A different pass, Yalung La, which exits the south side of the valley just above Na may also be attempted. Again, success is largely dependent on the weather conditions at the time. We tried for two years to get over this pass and were beaten back both times by heavy snowfalls. The Yalung La exits into the upper Khare Khola, which meets up with the Tama Kosi at the town of Suri Doban (Figure 1).

The field trip may also be extended by heading into the upper Tama Kosi valley north of Lamabagar. This area is restricted and requires special access permits.