Modified Program

Day 1 – Drive from Canberra, to the Towamba River (~3hrs if all goes according to plan) where we can walk along a felsic (microgranite) dyke that terminates as a diffuse, sub-horizontal layer within the magma chamber. The dyke is representative of many dykes in the pluton and is interpreted as a feeder dyke.

From the Towamba River, we will drive to the lower reaches of the Wog Wog River where we will walk west through inter-sheeted granite and migmatite at the base and below the Kameruka Granodiorite. We will examine shear sense indicators in the migmatites as well as stratigraphic indicators in the granite and migmatites. One of the primary aims of this section has to be to point out the complexity (structural and geoghemical) generated at the base of the pluton. We will also examine some magnificent felsic pipes. From here we will drive to the campsite for a well-deserved beer, BBQ and sleep.

Day 2 –We will begin our traverse in the Wog Wog River, in front of the Campground, heading east toward the base of the Kameruka pluton. The traverse will finish within the Pericoe pluton and at a location known as an “elephants graveyard” where material (mafic enclaves and stoped blocks of countryrock) has come to rest on the pluton floor.