Aims of the Field Trip

1) To describe and evaluate the interplay of structural, metamorphic and magmatic processes that operate at the base of granitic plutons.

2) To determine the role of the Wog Wog Mafic Complex (WWMC) in the structural, metamorphic and magmatic development of the Kameruka Suite; the orogin of mafic enclaves in the Kameruka pluton and to examine some of the causes of chemical diversity within the Kameruka pluton.

3) Examine depositional systems in plutons as a guide to construction mechanisms.

4) Examine way-up structures in plutons, particularly load casts and flame structures.

5) Review magmatic foliations developed by compaction or magmatic flow.

6) View in-situ magma mixing and mingling processes.

7) Delineate stratigraphic zonation in plutons.