Acknowledgements and General Comments

This field guide has been designed to be informative. Consequently, I have placed most emphasis on the evidence, not the model or the interpretation. As geologists, however, we always enjoy trying to reconcile some of the evidence in the framework of a “model” so some interpretation is necessary. Within each section, I have provided some questions or queries worth discussing when we are on the outcrop. The objective of this field trip isn’t to point out great looking rocks (which would be fun but eventually become monotonous) but to try and spark some positive discussion about the evidence and what it means in terms of the bigger picture.

The information in this guide has been collected over several years by a number of people including Bryce Healy, Paul Ellison, Dianne Barrett and Mark Brokelsby; all undertook at least part of their honors research here. Additionally, Bill Collins and I ran a field trip to the SE LFB and parts of the Wog Wog River (mainly the WWMC) were included in that trip. I have incorporated some of that information into this guide but our interpretations of the information have also changed slightly, so much of the information in this guide is also new. Additionally, I have included, at the end of the guide, a copy of a paper that will be published in Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh this year. The paper contains our interpretations and tectonic model for generation and emplacement of the Bega Batholith and its implications for orogenesis of the eastern LFB. I have included it at the end so that discussion over the two days is not model driven or model influenced.