List of Figures

1. The classic 'boudin' locality
2. Geological map of the Ardennes and Northern Eifel
3. Figure modified after Hollmann and Winterfeld (1999)
4. The Dedenborn outcrop
5. Location of outcrops
6. Characteristic structures of the Eifel-Ardennes mullions
7. Small outcrop near the village of Rouette, Belgium
8. Large outcrop near Bastogne
9. Microstructure of thin quartz vein
10. Microstructure in a small mullion
11. Mullions with veins
13. Structures from the Bastogne quarry
14. Structural data
15. Stereogram
16. Histogram
17. Model for the development of mullion structures
18. Mullions calculated based on the model for flow between parallel plates