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Volume 48, 2015

Volume 49 Journal of the Virtual Explorer

This volume is published annually based on papers submitted to the journal. The editors review all submitted manuscripts prior to a decision being made as to whether the article is ready to be published in dynamic review. The papers appear on line during the period of dynamic review, while further reviews are sought as well as general commentary from the reading public. Manuscripts will need to be modified based on reviews received during the period of dynamic review.

Molassic basins in Hellenides: The Mesohellenic trough and the Thrace basin. Their structural evolution and geotectonic significance

Adamantios Kilias, Agnes Vamvaka, George Falalakis, Aristeides Sfeikos, Eleftheria Papadimitriou, Chara Gkarlaouni, and Vasilios Karakostas