Application of Geographic Information System and Remote Sensing in Hydrogeological Investigations

Zia Ul Hasan Shah

The Geographic Information System and Remote Sensing has become a widely accepted tool in all fields of life and particularly in groundwater exploration and hydrogeological investigations, due to the robust integration of spatial features and tabular data, spatial analysis capability, intelligent maps, and a geographic user interface to the databases. This paper will focus specifically on the application of these emerging technologies in hydrogeological investigations. The integration of remote sensing with GIS provides a greater hydrogeological understanding by combining remotely acquired spectral information with other data including physiographical, geological, geophysical, hydrogeological, geochemical and geometrical data. The use of GIS in water resources evaluation has recently expanded with increasing emphasis in surface and subsurface applications. The combination of Remote Sensing, hydrogeology, applied geophysics and GIS show a tremendous promise for groundwater exploration, exploitation and development all over the world.