Visualization of Magmatic Emplacement Sequences and Radioelement Distribution Patterns in a Granite Batholith: An Innovative approach using Google Earth.

RonĂ¡n W. Hennessy, and Martin Feely

Geochronometric data pertaining to the emplacement stages of the late-Caledonian granites of Connemara, western Ireland indicate a sequential emplacement of the granite over approximately a 40 Ma time period. Using the Google Earth time-slider functionality, a series of Keyhole Markup Language animations have been generated to demonstrate the capabilities of Google Earth in the communication of 4D geological visualizations. Inverse-distance weighted interpolation of gamma-ray spectrometric measurements recorded over the Galway Granite batholith enabled the generation of a series of radioelement maps that are presented in Keyhole Markup Language format. The maps show the surface distribution of the radioelements K, U, Th and the surface heat production throughout the batholith. The ability to merge the two data sets in an openly accessible 3D earth viewer application demonstrates the potential of Google Earth for geoscientific visualization.

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1. Google Earth Emplacement Maps

2. Google Earth Geochemical Maps