Geographic Information System for Natural Resource Management of Pakistan

Hammad Hassan Tariq, Zia Ul Hasan Shah, Ghulam Mujtaba, Shahina Tariq, Mohammad Zafar, and Umar Zubair

The use of GIS in the natural resource industry is widely recognized due to the linking of spatial information with attribute data in the underlying database. A comprehensive and interactive GIS was developed for the natural resource management of Pakistan, which includes Seismo-tectonics along with associated geological structures and minerals, and upstream petroleum activities. Demographic, hyrdogeological and administrative information are also the integral part of the GIS. This GIS database will help the geoscientists to analyze the information like the areas that have suffered intensely by the tectonic activities, analyzing tectonic activities and resulting structures, and to highlight the areas of higher risk where probability of earthquake occurrences is more, etc. It also relates tectonic history with minerals that could help the future mineral exploration in the area. Furthermore, different scenarios can be analyzed which helps in the decision making and thus strengthening the nation, with appropriate planning.