Introduction to the Flinders Ranges

Julien Celerier, and Kathryn Fitzsimmons

In June 2005, graduate students of the Australian National University (ANU) participated in a geological fieldtrip to the Flinders Ranges, South Australia. Entirely student organised with financial support from the ANU, the trip sought to promote scientific collaboration between students, as well as to provide international graduate students the opportunity to gain a field based perspective on Australian Earth Science. The trip included visits to the spectacular sedimentary successions of the Brachnnia gorge geological trail in the Wilpena Pound National Park, a stop at the type of the locality of the famous Ediacaran fauna, investigation of active intraplate tectonics in the northern Flinders Ranges as well as Palaeoclimate and dune dynamic studies at Lake Frome. This volume is a compilation of the scientific contributions made by trip participants and includes a detailed field guide relating to the Tertiary and Quaternary history of the northern Flinders Ranges region.