Animations of dynamic recrystallization with the numerical modelling system Elle

Sandra Piazolo, Mark W. Jessell, Paul D. Bons, and Lynn Evans

The visualization of the development of microstructures during progressive deformation is a powerful tool both in geological education and in the advancement of understanding of processes. In this contribution a numerical modelling system is briefly explained. The use of this program is illustrated by two sets of numerical animations simulating the effect of dynamic recrystallization on the microstructural development of a quartzite are shown. The movies depict the changes in grain shape, grain size, dislocation density and crystallographic orientation of grains during progressive deformation. Such simulations can help to gain a better understanding of the interaction of concurrent processes on the microstructural development of a rock and vice versa. With this better understanding, microstructures observed in rocks may now be interpreted in a more quantitative way.