Field Trip 1 - Geology and petrology of Ocean Continent Transition (OCT) zones metamorphosed under eclogite facies conditions

Alberto Vitale Brovarone, Jacques Malavieille, Marco Beltrando, Giancarlo Molli, and Roberto Compagnoni

CorseAlp 2011 was held in April 2011. A link to the website is here: CorseAlp 2011. The CorseAlp field trips were designed to introduce the participants to the general features of the geology of Alpine Corsica and to recent specific discoveries.

Field trip 1 focused on the geology of the Ocean-Continent Transition preserved in the Monte San Petrone, in Central Corsica, which was subducted to eclogite facies conditions during the Alpine orogeny. Field Guide 1 itinerary: Bastia, Golo Valley, Piedicroce, M.S.Petrone and S.Florent.