3D Modeling of Low Angle Normal Fault in Southern Italy: The need for 3D analysis

Asha Saxena, Giovanni Toscani, Lorenzo Bonini, and Silvio Seno

This paper presents three three-dimensional reconstructions of different Sand models used to reproduce, interpret and describe the geological setting of a seismogenic area in Southern Italy (Strait of Messina). The models have been thoroughly described and analyzed from the structural and geodynamic point of view (Bonini et al., in prep), looking at the effects of a Low Angle Normal Fault (LANF) on the seismotectonic setting of the area of interest and also from the Sand modelling point of view, looking at their behaviour during the deformation. All these analyses lead the authors to certain conclusions, but also to illuminate problems that have not been completely analyzed yet. While most of them have been cited and briefly outlined, only a three-dimensional approach can allow a more complete treatment. We realized the three-dimensional move models in order to better understand issues that, until now, have been either poorly considered or not completely explained with the aim of highlighting the importance of a continuous and complete representation.