Robinson and DeCelles acknowledge the people of Nepal for their curiosity, their strong spirit, and willingness to help with the hard work of long regional foot transects. The original field work was conducted from 1998-2001; this and several subsequent field seasons were supported by the National Science Foundation, and the Geological Society of America student research grants. Robinson was also supported through the University of Arizona’s Department of Geosciences by the Mobil and Amoco Scholarship for student research, the GeoStructure Partnership grant, the Chevron Summer Research grant, and the ARCO Summer Scholarship for student research. Robinson and DeCelles thank Ofori Pearson, Senanu Pearson, Steve Ahlgren, Bob Gillis, Carmie Garzione, Jay Quade, George Gehrels, Pete Kaminski, Brian Lareau, and Aaron Martin for their help in the field and subsequent discussions. We thank Santaman Rai and editor Rudolfo Carosi for reviewing and improving this manuscript.