Analytical notes

The major and trace element analyses, after appropriate crushing, splitting, pulverization and homogenization procedures, have been carried out by X-ray fluoresence (XRF) spectrophotometer (SIEMENS SRS 3000) on pressed pellets at the Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology, Dehradun and by ICP-MS at the National Geophysical Research Institute (NGRI), Hyderabad, respectively. The quality of the analyses was monitored by the simultaneous analysis of some in-house (DG-H) and international standards (GSP-1, G-2, JG-2). The analytical precision, obtained on the basis of replicate analysis, is well within 5-10% for trace elements and ~5% for major oxides. Accuracy for most of the elements that were analysed was good (<5 % for major elements and <12 % for trace elements).