Analytical methods

Over two hundred representative samples of the various granite units have been analysed for major and some trace elements (Ba, Cr, Ni, Sr, V, Zr) by inductively coupled plasma atomic emission (ICP-AES) at the University of London Imperial College (IC). Ferrous iron was determined by titration and Rb was analysed by flame emission spectrometry (FES). Subsets of these samples have been analysed for REE, Y, Sc and Hf at the University of London Royal Holloway and Bedford New College (RHBNC) using cation exchange separation and ICP-AES (Watkins and Nolan, 1990; 1992). Analytical errors are less than 5% for most elements. Major-, trace- and rare-earth element data for selected samples of the different granite units are presented in Table 1.

Sr and Nd isotopic compositions of the Beiras granitoids are given in Valle Aguado et al. (2005). Based on the available geochronological data, the 87Sr/86Sri and ?Ndi values were calculated for the following ages: 310 Ma (Maceira and Junqueira granites); 305 Ma (Cota-Viseu granites and coeval basic and intermediate rocks) and 295 Ma (Freixiosa – Mesquitela granites).