Bons, P. D., Elburg, M. A. and Dougherty-Page, J. 2001. Analogue modelling of segregation and ascent of magma. In: Ailleres, L. and Rawling, T. 2001. Animations in Geology. Journal of the Virtual Explorer, 4
Analogue modelling of segregation and ascent of magma
Paul D. Bons

Tektonophysik - Institut für Geowissenschaften, Universität Mainz, D-55099 Mainz, Germany.

Marlina A. Elburg & Jon Dougherty-Page

Department of Geology and Geophysics, Adelaide University, Adelaide SA 5005, Australia.

Updated: 8 August 2001

Segregation and ascent of magma was simulated in analogue experiments in which wet sand and stiff gelatine formed the analogues for solid rock. The liquid magma phase was simulated with either air that was pumped into the sample (ascent simulations) or CO2 gas that was produced by fermentation within the sample (segregation simulations). The experiments were carried out in an upright flat glass tank to enable filming of the processes. Movies that are shown here indicate that segregation and ascent are highly dynamic and non-linear, with intimately linked stepwise transport and accumulation. We suggest that stepwise transport and accumulation are part of a continuous process that links initial small scale melt formation and segregation to ascent through crust or mantle by dykes.



Analogue experiments of stromatic migmatites

Analogue experiments of magma ascent


Some comments on the validity of the experiments