List of Figures

1. Schematic map of the Pamir-Karakoram-NW Himalaya syntaxis, with location of principal tectonic blocks and sutures
2. Geological sketch map of the NW Himalaya-Karakoram region
3. Repartition of radiochronological ages with respect to metamorphic grade in the NW syntaxis (A, Pakistan side; B, Indian side)
4. eNd vs. 206Pb/204Pb plot of the Ladakh lavas
5. Schematic cross-section of the Kohistan-Ladakh Arc, derived from geochemical data
6. Geometry of the Karakoram-Tibet Asian margin in Middle Cretaceous
7. Tectonic reconstruction proposed for intra-oceanic stages of the India-Asia convergence
8. Geological and metamorphic sketch map of the S-Karakorum margin after Rolland et al. (2001)
9. εNdi vs. 87Sr/86Sr diagram showing isotopic composition of Miocene magmatic rocks from the Asian margin (Tibet + Karakoram)
10. P-T path of M2 metamorphic event in Dassu and Askole domes
11. Stable, perturbed and relaxed geotherms
12. Karakoram Fault structure
13. P-T-t path obtained in the Pangong Range (after Rolland and Pêcher, 2001)
14. Tectonic reconstruction proposed for the India-Asia convergence
15. 3D sketch of post-collisional evolution in NW Himalaya orogen