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Volume 02 - Stress, Structure and Strain: a volume in honour of Win D. Means

Edited By: Mark Jessell, Janos Urai

This volume of JVE is dedicated to Win Means, our dear friend, formidable scientist and respected colleague. A total of 19 contributions were brought together to honour Win's 65th birthday, a tribute to Win's wide-ranging interests in his professional life: field geology, high pressure rock deformation, deformation experiments in transmitted light, analysis of natural microstructures, theoretical models, teaching and fun.

This special volume should be viewed in its original format.

The listing below contains paper abstracts only.

  • Deformation with Diffusion: the Growth of Augen Brian Bayly View Download PDF
  • Online introduction to Mohr Circles Andy R. Bobyarchick View Download PDF
  • The formation of veins and their microstructures Paul D. Bons View Download PDF
  • Magma chamber elongation as an indicator of intraplate stress field orientation: "borehole breakout mechanism" and examples from the Late Pleistocene to Recent Kenya Rift Valley William Bosworth, Kevin Burke, Manfred Strecker View Download PDF
  • Domain boundary migration at multiple scales in experiment and nature G. Brecht, Paul D. Bons, M.W. Jessell View Download PDF
  • Three Examples of Metamorphic Differentiation Raymond C. Fletcher View Download PDF
  • Development of S-C' type cleavage in Paraffin wax using a circular shear rig M. Hafner, C.W. Passchier View Download PDF
  • Optical orientation imaging Renée Heilbronner View Download PDF
  • Evolution of mylonitic microfabrics M. Herwegh, M. Handy, R. Heilbronner View Download PDF
  • Fold geometry and constitutive behaviour B. Hobbs, H. Mülhaus, A. Ord, Y. Zhang, L. Moresi View Download PDF
  • VIEPS/Mainz Microstructure Course M.W. Jessell, Paul D. Bons View Download PDF
  • Microstructural changes and deformation during the phase transformations in solid Ammonium Nitrate A. McLaren, J. Fitz Gerald View Download PDF
  • Microstructural development in an Ammonium-based partial melt system Y. Park View Download PDF
  • Grain boundary sliding in experimental deformation of Octachloropropane J. H. Ree View Download PDF
  • Deformation microstructures in quartzo-feldspathic rocks J. Tullis, H. Stünitz, C. Teyssier, R. Heilbronner View Download PDF
  • A collection of time-lapse movies from transmitted light deformation experiments J. Urai, J. Humphreys View Download PDF
  • Transition from gneiss to migmatite and the relationship of leucosome to peraluminous granodiorite, Cooma Complex R. Vernon, S. Johnson View Download PDF
  • Development of axial plane foliations in layersilicate rich rocks P. Williams View Download PDF
  • Flow in polycrystalline ice C. Wilson, B. Marmo View Download PDF


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