List of Figures

1. Tectonic sketch showing tectonic engagement of slices of mantle wedge inside the subducting continental crust.
2. Geological sketch of the Central-Eastern Italian Alps and localization of the Ulten Zone (square).
3. Geological map of the Ulten Zone.
4. Geological map of the Ulten Zone area.
5. Migmatites and gneiss from the crustal Ulten Zone unit.
6. Summary of available pressure-temperature paths reconstructed for the Ulten Zone crust.
7. P-T evolution of Ulten crust and mantle after Nimis and Morten (2001), Tumiati et al. (2003).
8. Meso- and micro-structures of coarse spinel-facies peridotites with coronitic garnet.
9. Meso and microstructures of mylonitic (garnet + amphibole ± dolomite) peridotites.
10. Bulk-rock REE and trace element samples.
11. Bulk-rock variability of several fluid-mobile elements.
12. Rare earth element and trace element compositions
13. Rare earth element and trace element compositions
14. Log ƒO2 and speciation of a graphite–C–O–H fluid.
15. ΔFMQ versus pressure.
16. General scenario for the Ulten peridotite evolution (after Nimis and Morten 2000).
17. Comparison of the trace element compositions.
18. Lauro Morten (March 19, 1941 - November 18, 2006).