Tullis, J., Stünitz, H., Teyssier, C. and Heilbronner, R. 2000.   Deformation microstructures in quartzo-feldspathic rocks. In: (Ed.) Mark Jessell, and Janos Urai, Stress, Structure and Strain: a volume in honour of Win D. Means, Journal of the Virtual Explorer, Electronic Edition, ISSN 1441-8142, volume 2, paper 16, doi:10.3809/jvirtex.2000.00019

Deformation microstructures in quartzo-feldspathic rocks

J. Tullis

Brown University

H. Stünitz

Basel University

C. Teyssier

University of Minnesota

R. Heilbronner

Basel University


These images illustrate optical microstructures resulting from a variety of deformation processes that are operative in the crust, ranging from localized faulting to distributed microcracking to pressure solution to dislocation creep to grain boundary sliding and diffusion creep, with and without accompanying phase changes. However most of the images illustrate microstructures produced by dislocation creep, because this is perhaps the dominant deformation mechanism in the mid to lower crust, and also has been well studied experimentally.

Keywords: deformation, microstructure, quartzites, quartzo-feldspathic rocks

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