Jessell, M. and Bons, P. 2000.   VIEPS/Mainz Microstructure Course. In: (Ed.) Mark Jessell, and Janos Urai, Stress, Structure and Strain: a volume in honour of Win D. Means, Journal of the Virtual Explorer, Electronic Edition, ISSN 1441-8142, volume 2, paper 12, doi:10.3809/jvirtex.2000.00015

VIEPS/Mainz Microstructure Course

M.W. Jessell
Paul D. Bons


This page contains the links to all the course related information available for the 2000 VIEPS/Mainz short course presented by Mark Jessell at the Department of Earth Sciences, Monash University, Australia and Paul Bons at Institut für Geowissenschaften - Tektonophysik, Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz, Germany. Many of the pictures used in Lectures 1 and 2 of this course were graciously donated by Patrice Rey, the dislocation movie comes from Renée Heilbronner, the TEM dislocation pictures come from Alice Post, and the analogue movies are courtesy of Youngdo Park, Jin-Han Ree, Win Means and Coen ten Brink.

Keywords: microstructure course, fabrics, recrystallization, deformation

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