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Information for Authors

Reviewing procedure for a paper in the Journal

All contributions are reviewed by at least two members of the Editorial Board. If a contribution is accepted, it will be published immediately in Dynamic Review. The period of Dynamic Review comes to an end once that volume is completed, and printed.

As part of the review process, members of the Editorial Board are asked to reply within a few days with their decision. In the interest of getting a fast answer, the reviewer is not asked to provide any background information or justification of their decision. Some detail may be forthcoming, but it is not expected.

We expect papers to be submitted in a state ready for publication. A paper is judged in the state that it is submitted.

An author may choose to resubmit a paper with appropriate modification, should it be rejected.

We encourage lively debate, and reply, with no limits placed on the discussion except those demanded by professional courtesy. There may be several iterations in a comment and reply, and in some cases an author may choose to publish revisions or addenda to an already published work.

Comments can be submitted for publication at any time, even subsequent to the period of dynamic review. These late comments should be set out in the format of a short paper, and they will be reviewed and published in this context. A comment and reply that arrives after the period of Dynamic Review may be published in a subsequent issue of the journal.

Policy in respect to Open Access

The Virtual Explorer runs an Open Access policy in parallel with subscription based access.

Papers that are Open Access are not restricted by password or domain name access.

If this is of interest when you submit a paper (or if you have already submitted a paper) please let us know.

Open access can be secured by making a once-off payment of AU$600.

This offer will remain in force until we have ascertained the economic viability of the Open Access model.

Submitting a paper to the Journal

Submitting a paper to the Journal is a 4 step process

  1. Email your manuscript, in either PDF or Word, to
  2. We will email you with an account, allowing you access to VEAPS (Virtual Explorer Advanced Publishing System)
  3. Using VEAPS, create your paper online and submit it for review
  4. Your paper will be reviewed, assigned to a volume and published

All successful submissions receive a full subscription to the Journal on us.


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